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Birds of Hawai'i


141 bird species or subspecies are listed by the Hawaii Audubon Society (2005). In the past two centuries 23 species or subspecies have become extinct. Thirty of the remaining 66 native bird species are now considered endangered or threatened.

Approx. 150 distinct ecosystems are found in these islands and half of these are considered imperiled by human-related changes in the landscape.

Unfortunately, Hawaii is considered "The Extinction Capital of the World"...also "The Endangered Species Capital pf the World".

The vulnerable Nene was adopted as the official state bird of Hawaii in 1957. It's the rarest goose in the world.

No habitat, no's as simple as that.

Scott Weidensaul

Birds belong in the landscape, and help to define and distinguish one piece of land from another.

John Bevis

Scenic Hawai'i