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Birds of Australia

A bird does not sing

Australia is the 6th largest country with a population estimated at 23,990,800...making it one of the least densely populated countries.

898 bird species have been recorded as of 2014.

Between 330 and 360 bird species are endemic and therefore Australia is considered the world's greatest hotspot for bird endemism.

Most of the country is semi-arid or desert. but alpine heaths and tropical rain forests are also present.

The Emu is the National Bird.

Australia...what's to like?

You can drink the water.

Most people speak English...or some mostly understandable variation thereof.

Friendly people...everywhere.

The national minimum wage is $17.29.

Sensible gun control with 90% public support.

Health care is a mix of private and public institutions at half the cost in the U.S.

Updated Feb 2016
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